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The Assignment Chapter 2

Well, to bring you up to date on my wife Kate and I. You should be
aware that we have been living apart now for about three months.

I have been forced to change schools, and Kate decided to remain in our
old town for now. We see each other on weekends, for a little bit. We
just have a dinner or something, and we haven't had sex of any type since
the night she gave me my 'fantasy'.

I would go to classes during the day and usually get through the day as
long as I was busy thinking about anything else but those days so long ago.
Like I had stated earlier, the scars on my wrists were gone as far as
anyone could see, but there were still harsh deep scars deep inside me.
Kate didn't want a divorce; she claimed that she still wanted to be my
wife. She hadn't moved to my new address as of yet though. I was sure that
there was something going on between her and Gary.

If you are curious about Gary, well, one night two weeks ago I caught
him downtown near a hangout of his. He didn't see me until it was too
late, and since he had no friends around him, I took advantage of the
chance. Since I am not a jock, and he is much bigger than me (probably by
sixty pounds or so) I used an aluminum baseball bat as an equalizer. When
I left him lying there on the ground, he was unconscious. I found out the
next day that he never was able to I.D. the person who attacked him, and
he was in the hospital with broken ribs, broken arm, and numerous other
broken bones. He also had to have an emergency operation in the groin
area, and I had heard through the grapevine that he wouldn't be having
kids, or possibly even sex ever again.

I felt little remorse for jumping him like I did. I mean, look at what
he did to my marriage and me. He had made my wife a whore and a slut. He
had copied my assignment, then re-wrote parts of it so that the paper he
showed Kate looked like it was a deep dark fantasy of mine. He had made it
so that I wanted to witness part of the 'rape' and then to be left alone
while the 'rapist's' took my wife with them for several days, leaving me in
unknowing what was happening to her. I had seen the paper that he
had given Kate and it wasn't even close to what the real assignment had
been or what I had written.

Gary had deserved all that I gave him and more. The thing that kept
bothering me was how Kate had gone for this bullshit song and dance from
somebody she hardly knew. She hadn't said anything to me about it, later
claiming that Gary had insisted that I really wanted to be surprised by it,
to make it more realistic.

I had also found out that she had been with Gary on the shopping trip,
while he had helped her pick out the dress, he had also helped himself to
her. They had gone to his place and fucked for about two hours. When I
found that out I was livid. Kate had wisely left for a 'walk' while I
clamed down. When she got back we talked more about her fucking him at
that time, and she had the reasoning that she just couldn't go as far as my
alleged fantasy wanted her to go without at least having been intimate with
one or more of the participants in it. I asked her if she had been with
anyone else before that party and she refused to answer me.

Gary had used all of his considerable charm and persuasion to convince
Kate to go through with the plan. I later found out that she had three of
Gary's friends in addition to Gary himself. I heard that from an old
clate who had overheard them talking about my slut of a wife. I
decided that deep down Kate had wanted to fuck around on me and I blew up
and threw that in her face. Kate had been crying for what seemed days at
that point, and even though it had been several months since the 'fantasy
night' she still hadn't asked me the questions or said the things that I
expected to hear. No 'I'm Sorry', no, 'I was wrong', not one single
statement that she was contrite or unhappy with what she had done with
those men.

Then one day, after the meeting I had with Gary that night that put him
in the hospital, I decided to not go back to see Kate until she contacted
me. I spent the weekend at my apartment near school, and once in a while,
when I started to feel a weakness to go to her, I would pop in a video of
the ten that Gary had given me. I saw Kate having sex with different men,
groups of men, women, and all kinds of combinations. She had been very
busy for those four days and nights.

As I would watch those tapes my anger would surface, and pretty soon I
started to drink heavily. I hadn't seen Kate for over one week, when
Friday night there was a knock on my door. When I opened it up to see that
it was Kate was standing there, suitcase in hand!

"What the hell do you want slut? Come here to tie me up and force me to
watch you have a gangbang again? Do you want to watch me suffer some more
while you have fun? Why did you come here?"

I was a little drunk already, and my anger surfaced fast when I saw whom
it was. My frustration of my current situation, and the frustration of
lack of sex had driven me to a place I had never been before. The look on
her face was one that I didn't expect. She smiled at me and cheerfully
ignored my 'greeting'.

"I was in the neighborhood, and thought that I would pop in for a bit!
Do you have room here for an overnight guest? I won't take up much room,

I was flabbergasted. How could she think that I would let her in let
alone let her stay the night with me? I ended up letting her into my
apartment. She set her suitcase down in my bedroom, then came out and
poured herself a drink.

"Missed me?"

She was being friendly and bright, like she had been on a trip home and
none of the last few months had ever happened. I just looked at her,
trying to understand what she was doing. My anger had dissipated and since
I couldn't just figure out what was going on I decided to play along for a
bit to see what she had in mind.

"No, I haven't. I have been busy with schoolwork and working. Since I
am paying for two places I have had to get a job to keep myself in school.
I am thinking that all of that will be changing soon though." I dug at her
confidence and hoped to break her down. I still wanted to hear the 'I'm
sorry', or something along those lines, so I was going to play along, but
not to her rules. "Oh, I thought that it must be something like that,
since you hadn't come home at all for awhile. How is school going anyway,
still getting good grades?"

I couldn't believe this! She was going to go on in this vein until I
either got real mad or gave up. I wanted to strangle her for an instant. I
finally just blurted out what was on my mind.

"Why haven't you told me you are sorry, or that you were terribly wrong
for doing what you did? You have never taken any responsibility for that
night or the four nights that followed. You had been unfaithful to me in
the most disturbing way a wife could be and you seemingly don't give a shit
about how I felt or how I am feeling right now! Matter of fact I'll bet
you have been getting fucked on a regular basis too, haven't you?"

She looked at me and her eyes got larger, soon those eyes filled with
tears. She buried her head in her hands, and wept silently for ten minutes
or so. I left the room and went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.
I had decided at that particular moment not to drink any more. I realized
that I had let what she had done to us, to me; take away from the life I
needed to live. I knew now that whether or not we stayed together, I would
never drink again in anger, sadness, or for any other reason other than a
social drink or toast. I had a flash of me, drunk in the street like some
homeless bum, and nothing to show for the hard work I had put in at school
and work.

I brought her a cup of coffee; taking the drink she had poured herself
away. She took the coffee from me and looked up at me, into my eyes.

"Jim, I still love you, and I still need you. Please let this go and
come back to me."

I was stunned. How could she think that it would be so simple to get
our lives back together and go on? How could she be so damned confident
that I would forgive and forget, when she hadn't given any explanation, or
apology for what she had mistakenly done to me, to us? How could I ever
forgive her for letting herself be led by some creep to the point of
obviously enjoying fucking other men in a gangbang in front of a tied up
helpless husband? I had a lot of questions, and she had done nothing to
answer anything at all.

"I am still waiting to hear you ask me something, and for you to say
something to me, before I can even begin to start a 'new beginning' with
you Kate. So far you have not said or done anything to convince me to even
try to continue with our relationship, so what I do in the future, as far
as you are concerned depends entirely on you Kate."

She looked at me, set her coffee down and then turned away from me. She
was deep in thought for a minute or two, then she turned back to look into
my eyes.

"I know that what I did was so wrong. I also know that you think that I
owe you an apology. I know that I was pulled into a plot to fulfill a sick
fantasy of Gary's, not yours. I also know that any apology from me would
be just empty words on deaf ears. Jim, I have always loved you more than
you probably can imagine. I let myself be convinced that what Gary told me
was true, and you had been so in love with me that you hid those fantasies
from me so that you wouldn't hurt my feelings. I now know that it was a
terrible lie to me and that I was used for five days or so, and you knew
nothing about what Gary had talked me into. What I did was wrong, very
wrong, and I am sorry that I put you through it. What Gary did was even
more wrong, and I am sure that your assault on him was your way of evening
up things. Are you going to beat me now too? Will that make everything
O.K. with you? If you want you can hit me all you want, just remember
that I still love you, I have only loved you, and I always will love you,
only you Jim! I can't erase what has happened, and I can't make you
forget, nor can I make you forgive me Jim. I want to be with you, I want
this to all go away. How can we get over this?"

I was overwhelmed. Why hadn't she done this months ago? I felt a
burden begin to lift, just ever so much. There may be hope yet, but I knew
that we had a long road ahead of us. I figured that I had to say something
now to let her off the hook a little bit. "Well, why did it take you so
long to spit that out Kate? Why didn't you say this all months ago? What
were you thinking?"

She had tears in her eyes and running down her cheeks.

"Jim, would you have heard me? Would you have listened? I knew that I
could have said this then but, well, you still wouldn't have listened to
what I was saying."

I was stopped from saying anything as I thought about what she had just
said. She was right, I wouldn't have listened to her apology, I wouldn't
have heard anything, because I was so wrapped up in what had happened that
all I would have heard is a voice, and not the words I needed to hear!

"Well Kate, what do we do now? You have had other men. Men with
different cocks. Men with different 'styles'. You seemed to enjoy what
you did from the start. You seemed to get off on my helplessness. You did
things that I would never have imagined you doing with me, let alone with
so many men, all at once. Where do we go from here? Any ideas as to how
we start off again? Will you be able to handle my possible lack of wanting
sex with you? What if I can't perform any more? How can you erase the
images in my mind? How can you tell me that you didn't enjoy those four
days, with all of those men? I have the tapes, ten of them; I have seen
you in action. You really enjoyed what you did with them didn't you?"

Kate had turned white at the mention of the tapes. I suddenly
remembered that she wasn't aware that I had video proof of her four-day
gangbang. She shuddered and started to cry again, even harder than before.
She took the offered box of tissue, and didn't say anything for a few
minutes. I was getting tired and wanted to go to bed. This talking hadn't
taken us anywhere, still. "Look Kate, I am tired and I am going to go to
bed. We will talk tomorrow if you want. I'll get you some blankets, and
you can sleep on the couch."

She looked at me with tears pouring down her face. I knew she wanted to
sleep in bed with me. I knew that she wanted me to take her in my arms and
tell her everything would be all right. I knew that she loved me still,
and yes, I still loved her. I had those images in my head. Images of her
being fucked and used hard. Images of a whore loving the men using her. I
just couldn't bring myself to offer her anything other than the couch

I went to bed and fell asleep, eventually. I heard her fixing up the
couch, and the last thing I remember was the light being turned off in the
living room. Sometime, in the middle of the night, I woke up and had to
pee. As I went down the hallway, I could hear Kate stirring around. She
was not asleep. I went to the bathroom, and then I went back to bed. A
few minutes later I heard her come to the door of my bedroom.

"Can I come in for a minute Jim?"

She sounded like a little girl, in trouble with her parents, wanting to
know that everything was still going to be all right.

"Yeah, for a minute."

She came into the room and set on the bed near me. She leaned down and
started to caress my hair. She had done that before all of this had
happened, it seemed to sooth me then and it still did yet.

"Jim, could you possibly want to...well, could we... Oh Jim, please
make love to me, please!"

I was pretty horny. I hadn't had sex since that fateful night. I let
my little head do the thinking for my logical one. "Kate, I can't promise
it will be good for you, but, I guess, yeah, we can have sex."

I couldn't say 'make love' to her; I didn't think that I could make love
to her, not for a long time anyway.

She just took off her robe, and naked slipped into bed with me. She
rubbed against me spoon fashion, her front to my back,and started to move
her hands all over my chest. One hand slipped down to my now, very hard
cock. As she contacted it I had an involuntary shudder run through my
body. I hadn't felt anyone's hands on me for months, and it felt so good. I
could feel her nipples poking my back. Her breath hot on my neck. Soon
her lips were brushing my shoulder, moving down and across my side to my
chest. She moved up and over me, letting me turn to my back.

Her hands had both moved down to my cock now, and she was fondling me
gently and yet firmly. I reached up and took her breasts in my hands.
They felt so firm and soft. I bent up and let my tongue caress those hard
nipples. She moaned a little cry. Kate pulled away from my mouth, moving
down to take my hard cock into her mouth. She started to give me a blowjob
like never before. I knew that this was going to be a very different
blowjob than I had ever had before. I was right.

She took my cock into her throat, and soon her lips were in my pubic
hairs. My whole cock in her hot, wet mouth. She had never in our whole
time together, given me deep-throat. I relished what she was doing,
wishing that she had always been able to do this for me. I looked down,
and in the soft light from the night lamp; I saw that she was looking into
my eyes. Something that she had never done before either. Before, she
would close her eyes, and never look up while she would lick and shallowly
suck on my cock. I don't think she had ever taken more than an inch or
inch and a half into her mouth at any time.

I hadn't had an orgasm for so long I knew that it wasn't going to take
too long before I shot off. When I started to cum, I warned her, but she
kept up the blowjob. Her lips sealing tightly around my cock, keeping me
in her mouth and throat fully. Her eyes never leaving mine as I started to
shoot off into her mouth. She swallowed all I gave her and cleaned me up
afterwards, using her tongue and mouth to leave me ready for more.

I was surprised by her eye contact. Her letting me cum in her mouth
surprised me. I was mostly surprised that she swallowed everything I shot
into her mouth and then hungrily licked up any possible leftovers.

As I lay back on the bed, she moved up and into my arms. Her nipples,
still very hard, were poking insistently in my chest. I decided to go
ahead and give her a little pleasure, and started to kiss and lick my way
down to her shaven pussy. SHAVEN PUSSY! I hadn't noticed until now, but
she had shaved herself bald! This was something else new and different.
Had she learned this from Gary and his friends I wondered? Even with those
possibilities, I realized that I liked it. I found myself tonguing her wet
slit and clit.

I was getting into this, and soon lost myself in the feelings of
softness, and heat rising out of her depths. I had a finger inside her and
my tongue was busy teasing her clit. She opened herself up, spreading her
legs wide apart. I soon had all of her available to my hands and mouth. I
started to lick her up and down, and my tongue soon was moving into new
territory. I lightly ran it around her rosebud. She shivered and moaned
loudly. I ran my tongue back down, and slipped it across her little tight
hole. Her moans grew louder with each pass. I finally pushed it into her
ass, running as deep as I could. It didn't taste bad, like I thought I
would, and since I had never done anything like this before, decided that I
liked it.

I had three fingers in her pussy, and then I slipped two into her
asshole. She was moving around, trying to get my hands into a position
that she liked. I let her take a little control then when I saw what she
wanted I gave it to her. I was stroking my fingers in and out in a
'seesaw' like motion. As I entered her pussy, the fingers in her ass were
pulling out, and so on. She soon started to cum in a hard orgasm. I kept
her there for a bit, it was a long drawn out one. Unlike any I had seen
her have before (with just me anyway).

Now with a very hard cock poking into the bed, I moved up to take her. I
positioned the head of my cock at her entrance, and shoved quite hard into
her pussy. She gasped and put her legs around my back. She was pulling on
my ass cheeks, trying to get me all of the way into her. Soon I was
stroking in and out of her, and the closer I got to cumming, for some
reason, the harder I rammed into her. Kate cried out and started to cum
again, shuddering as I plunged into her again and again. All of the sudden
she stopped me in mid stroke. Her pussy pulled off of my raging hard-on
and her hand grabbed my cock firmly.

She then guided me into her again, but this time it was hotter, and
tighter. I was about two inches into her when something gave and I plunged
all of the way into her. She groaned and held me still for a minute, and
at that point I knew that she had taken me into her ass! I was fucking her
ass! This was something I had wanted to do, but she had never let me. I
savored the feelings, and slowly started to move in and out. It was hard
for me not to cum right away, but since I had what I had wanted (secretly),
I was in heaven. It didn't take long and I began to cum, the hardest cum I
had ever had. Kate held me tightly, and afterward, we lay together, my
cock still embedded in her ass, slowly getting soft, until finally it
slipped out, much later.

The next morning I woke up alone on the bed. Kate had gotten up and was
showering. I put on a robe and slippers. I heard Kate get out of the
shower as I made coffee in the kitchen. I went to the bedroom and grabbed
a towel. I stepped into the bathroom where Kate was shaving her legs. As
she shaved, I started to take my shower. As I turned around lathering up
my body, I felt a cold breath of air hit my back. Kate stepped into the
shower with me and started to wash my back. Soon, we were fucking in the
shower. She let me take her ass again, then, when I pulled out, she took
me into her mouth and cleaned me up that way! I was stunned, and yes,
turned on by that act. I know that some would think that too kinky, but ,
there was something about that act that just made me hot!

Later, as we dried off, she started to talk to me.

"I hoped that it was good for you Jim. I haven't had sex for so long,
and the new things I did, well, I wasn't sure how you would take it."

I watched her as she pulled on her dress, noticing that there was
nothing else under it. She had changed so much, and in such a short time.
I didn't know why, and it bothered me a little. I mentioned it, hoping to
keep any jealousy out of my voice. I was sure that she had been fucking
around since then, since I had never enjoyed some of what we had done last
night, and she had been so into it.

"Why Kate, why did you let me cum in your mouth? Why did you let me
have your ass? Why did you suck me afterwards, in the shower? Why the
shaved pussy, no underwear, the changes that I am seeing? Is there someone
else new in your life? What?"

Kate froze for a minute as my questions tumbled out of my mouth. I was
kicking myself mentally for being such an idiot. She turned to look at me,
softly saying.

"Jim, I did this all for you. You have seen the tapes, you know what I
have done sexually, what I did sexually then anyway. I discovered that
there are certain acts I like to do! I don't want to shock you too much,
but I love anal sex and blowjobs now. I want and need you to know however;
I only will do them for you. The 'someone new' in my life is you Jim, I am
trying to get you back and I am going to use every trick I know how to keep

I stepped back and looked at her. She was being very sincere, so I knew
that she was trying very hard. I liked the 'new' Kate, and wanted to make
sure that I wasn't being led into some kind of trap.

"Well, I liked what we did last night and today. Are you sure that you
like to do that stuff? Do you really like to swallow my cum, to take my
cock in your ass, to clean it afterwards? I can't believe that it's my
Kate that is acting in this way. Why Kate, why?"

She replied in a softer voice now, and I had to really listen hard to
understand what she was saying.

"I learned things about myself when I was with Gary, Jim. I learned
things that I never would have had I not done what I did. You need to
understand, I never liked or loved Gary or any of the others that weekend,
and it was sex for the sake of sex. I didn't accept any dates after that
weekend, and I never would. I will accept dates from only one man from now
on and that man is you. I will never let any man touch or hold me again,
except for you Jim. I learned things, and now I want to share them with my
one true love. Yes, I did have some great sex with lots of different men,
mostly at the same time. No, I had never thought about doing a 'gangbang'.
I had never thought of cheating on you or having an affair. What happened
then was a one-time thing, and I thought that you wanted me to do it. I
realize that I hurt you and tore us apart. I know that I was tricked and
made to believe things about you that weren't true. I can't make that go
away, so, to make up for it, I guess that you will 'own' me forever. Jim,
I will do anything you want to do. I will not complain to you, or refuse
you anything ever again. The only thing I want from you is your
forgiveness, and love. If that is at all possible. I have unjustly
betrayed my husband and mate. My best friend in life, and the only person
that has mattered to me since I have known you. Please forgive me, and
take me back!"

I was overwhelmed with emotions. I wanted to take her in my arms and
hold her forever. I still had a little part of me that was angry, but
after thinking about it, I knew that someday it would go away. What did I
want now? What was my pathway in life now? I couldn't see us apart, and
didn't want a divorce. I knew that I would be having some anger issues to
deal with. I finally let my heart have reign. I held out my arms to her
and she fell into them sobbing. I held her and held her. I didn't want to
ever lose her. Kate was still the love of my life. I bent down and
lightly kissed her on her neck.

"Kate, I am going to have a few problems with what has happened. I know
that you were tricked into this whole mess, but I did see you enjoying what
you were doing sexually with those guys. It will take a lot of work on
your part and on my part, but...well I'm willing to try if you are!"

Kate hugged me tightly.

"Oh God! Thank you Jim. I will try and I will do whatever you want of
me. I am grateful that you are willing to try and love me again. I won't
let you down ever again, I promise!"

"Kate, I never stopped loving you. I have found out that my love for
you never left, it was just in a shell in the center of my heart. I think
that we will be all right although it is going to take quite a bit of work
now. I love you Kate, and always will!"

Well, that was a year ago now, and we are still together. I have found
that the capacity for love is endless. Kate has had demons bother her once
in a while, but we work through it and go on. My demons? Well, sometimes,
I let them out to play. Kate thinks that my little 'games' are fun and I
never let her know that sometimes the 'fun' isn't just a game. I still
love her, matter of fact, I love her more every day. I have forgiven her,
and she has finally forgiven herself, so her demons should be about done
bothering her.

I have noticed that she has a 'certain' look about her now and when she
is in public I can see her wlaking with a kind of strut. I know that there
are times when she is about to say something to me but stops and gets
quiet. I will prod her but she won't say what is on her mind, just
dismissing it as nothing or no big deal. This drives me a little bit nuts
because she is holding something back from me still. I will find out
though, and she will tell me what is on her mind. I can't live with her
keeping secrets from me.

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