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Sign of the Rose

2000 by Wiseguy

Rebecca's eyes opened slowly, the lids feeling incredibly heavy. It was
hard to see; the light was dim at best, and her eyes were so tired. From
the very edge of her awareness, a voice whispered something

(Relax and let go.)

but she couldn't quite make it out. With eyes and ears failing, Rebecca
turned her attention to other senses.

Smell. A faint odor of incense tickled her nose, earthy and pungent.
It reminded her of something. Something she'd seen? Something she'd
heard? Hard to remember. Hard to do much of anything.

Touch. A firm mattress beneath her. Something smooth, like silk,
gently binding her wrists, holding her arms back behind her head. Not too
tight -- even in her dimmed state, Rebecca thought she could wriggle her
hands free from the wraps, but her arms themselves were so heavy they
didn't want to move. They just wanted to

(Relax and let go.)

lie there, quiescent, along with the rest of her body. Nothing but
gravity seemed to be holding her legs, but that was enough; they were
leaden, sinking a little deeper into the mattress with each breath.

Slowly, the shadows swimming over Rebecca's eyes began to coalesce into
an image. A woman, arms stretched over her head, legs straight, head
still. Early thirties, perhaps, with long brown hair flowing around her
head in a random tangle of curls. Dazed blue eyes staring back at her.
Lips parted, moving ever so slightly, saying

(Relax and let go.)

something she couldn't read. Her own lips, Rebecca realized. Her own
reflection in a ceiling-mounted mirror. But where was she? What was
happening to her? Rebecca strained to clear some of the fog from her mind,
trying to remember.

She had been in her office grading midterm exams for her fifth-period
Psychology class. The kids were mostly juniors, a few seniors, all of them
more concerned with preparing for spring break than with doing well on a
high school elective. She remembered shaking her head ruefully at some of
the more desperate guesses. She would have to

(Relax and let go.)

review some of this material a little more thoroughly than she had

Then her husband Frank had called. He was picking her up for a birthday
dinner and a surprise treat, no work and no arguments. So she'd left her
desk piled with work, her car in the lot, and gone with Frank to Bethesda.
Where had they gone? Things got fuzzy there.

Had they had dinner? Her stomach felt full, so they must have. How
long ago? And where was Frank? And why, with all of these questions
running through her mind, couldn't she seem to do anything but

(Relax and let go.)

lie there, half asleep, waiting for ... what?

From beyond her field of view, a door creaked open and another woman
came into the room. She was young and blonde and beautiful, her pale blue
eyes sparkling with a fierce power to match the confident smile on her
face. She wore a white silk robe tied loosely about her trim waist.

"I see you're awake," she said softly. "Relatively speaking, at least.
That's very good, Rebecca. It means you are ready for the next step."

The woman's voice had a strange ethereal quality to it, seeming to
reverberate inside of Rebecca's weary head. Rebecca knew this voice
somehow, had been hearing it for some time now just beyond the edge of
awareness, telling her

(Relax and let go.)

things she couldn't quite understand. Even now, as the woman spoke
plainly to her, it seemed to Rebecca as though another dialog was taking
place just out of earshot.

"Frank?" Rebecca was mildly surprised to hear her own voice.

"He's in the next room," the woman explained. "We've been having quite
a revealing chat, Frank and I have. He was so easy to entrance, thanks to
you. He's told me everything about you, Rebecca. How you met, how he fell
in love with you, and how you like to hypnotize him when you're making
love. He's such a sweet, submissive soul, isn't he? He tells me you enjoy
dominating him, Rebecca, making him so hard, so desperate for you that
he'll do anything, say anything, to earn his release. And the amazing
thing is, he wouldn't have it any other way because he loves you."

Rebecca saw her reflection smile weakly as she thought about Frank.
Yes, he did so enjoy being in her power. It had spooked her a little at
first, but she understood the need to

(Relax and let go.)

relax and let go. As a TV news producer, Frank had the constant stress
of looming deadlines to deal with along with talent and logistics; she'd
taught him self-hypnosis as a means of handling that stress, but some
nights he still came home and practically begged Rebecca to say those
special words that would send him deep into trance, lifting all the weight
from his shoulders for a little while and giving him a much-needed break
from being in control. She loved doing that and then whispering more words
into his ear, words that would inflame his passions, leaving him hard and
so helpless in her arms, so willing to do whatever she asked to bring them
both into ecstasy. Afterwards they would go to sleep in each other's arms,
reveling in the safety and comfort they could provide for each other.

"Yes," the woman continued, "Frank loves to live his favorite fantasy,
submitting himself to you. But what is your fantasy, Rebecca? What is it
that you long to do?"

(Relax and let go.)

Fuzzy images flashed through Rebecca's mind. Images of herself kneeling
before Frank, staring vacantly ahead as he filled her mind with his own
words, doing for her what she had so often done for him. They had tried
reversing roles once, with her coaching Frank on what to do, but he was
nervous and unsure of himself. She had achieved a light trance, which was
quickly dispelled when Frank touched her. She had played along anyway, but
nobody had been fooled and they had never tried it again.

"Frank says you might like to be a submissive for a while," the woman
said. "Like him, you have days when the burden of being in control is just
too great. Days when you'd like nothing better than to turn over control
to someone strong, someone who will direct you and protect you. Someone
who can make your submissive fantasies come true."

The woman leaned down, her face now inches from Rebecca's. The captive
felt herself getting lost in those pale glue eyes, growing distant and
dazed again. Seeing this, the blonde pressed her advantage. "I am that
someone," she declared, and kissed Rebecca softly on the lips.

Rebecca felt the silky straps around her wrists

(Relax and let go.)

slip slowly aside, freeing her arms and hands. The blonde rose up
again, her eyes still holding Rebecca in their penetrating gaze, and
commanded, "Get up now, Rebecca."

For the first time since awakening, Rebecca felt that her arms and legs
might move. In fact, even as she was reaching this conclusion they began
to move on their own, shifting and pushing and lifting her out of the bed.
She found herself face to face with the blonde woman, looking just slightly
up, still transfixed by the blonde's eyes.

"Now strip for me," the woman ordered. Rebecca felt her arms rise and
begin working at the buttons on her blouse. This is wrong, she thought, I
won't do this. I'm in a trance of some sort, but that doesn't mean I have
to obey. I won't obey.

With an effort of will, Rebecca put her arms back down to her sides and
spoke a single word. "No." Just saying the word made her feel stronger for
a moment.

The woman smiled wickedly at Rebecca's show of defiance. "Very good,"
she said in a soft mocking tone. "No self-respecting domme, not even an
amateur like you, would submit so easily. Now let's see how well you
respond to a few hypnotic suggestions of your own."

With a smooth movement, the blonde untied her belt and slipped the robe
off her shoulders. It fell easily to the floor revealing a splendid body
with broad shoulders and full, ripe breasts. She had a slender,
well-defined waist and full hips, and a neatly cropped blonde strip
pointing the way to her secret places. But what caught Rebecca's eye, as
powerfully as a magnet catches iron filings, was the small tattoo on the
woman's left shoulder just next to the collarbone. It was

(See and obey.)

a single red rose. Its long stem curved delicately, revealing leaves
and thorns. Its petals were partially open. Rebecca saw the rose and
immediately her vision narrowed until it was all that she could see. She
became dimly aware that the voice in the background had changed slightly

(See and obey.)

but still couldn't make out the words. In that moment, she didn't care;
the rose captivated her, mesmerized her, crowding all other thoughts out of
her mind. As she stared at the rose, watching it sway ever so slightly
with the woman's breathing, her arms came up and silently unbuttoned her
blouse. When they reached the waist, they moved back and unzipped her
skirt, letting it fall to the floor. The blouse soon followed. Hose, bra,
panties and shoes joined the pile even as Rebecca continued to

(See and obey.)

stare transfixed at the rose. A feeling of freedom, of peace, flooded
through Rebecca's distant mind as she undressed. She felt calm and
comfortable. Relaxed. Obedient.


Yes, some dim corner of her mind realized, she was becoming very
aroused. Just looking at the rose, she could feel the slickness forming in
her slit and the tightness in her nipples.

"See?" the blonde said, her voice steady and even. "You respond well,
Rebecca. You know that you must obey me, the rose forces your mind to obey
me. Your body is mine, and will do my bidding. Already you know that you
have totally submitted to me, and that knowledge excites you. Tell me that
this excites you, Rebecca."

Yes, Rebecca realized, she was aroused. Submissive. Unable to resist.
Unable to do anything but

(See and obey.)

stand there, naked, and follow instructions. "This excites me," she

"Being submissive excites you," the blonde repeated. "Say that."

"Being submissive excites me."

"You must do anything I command."

"I must do anything you command." There was no dissent, no question, no
thought but to obey.

"Play with yourself, Rebecca."

Without a moment's hesitation, Rebecca's right hand found her slit and
two fingers slipped easily inside. The left hand found her left breast and
caressed it, squeezing and stroking and lightly pinching the nipple.
Rebecca became aware of another person nearby, someone tall and broad, but
was unable to tear her eyes away from the rose tattoo. She stared and
groped herself, feeling the smoldering heat building up within her center,
knowing that she was close to orgasm.

"Someone is watching you, Rebecca," the blonde voice said tauntingly.
"Someone you know. Someone you would never allow to see you masturbate
under normal circumstances. But he's watching now, Rebecca, and he is
becoming very aroused by what he sees. Very aroused."

Way back in the sedated portion of her mind, Rebecca was mortified. She
had never allowed anyone to see her masturbating, not even Frank. That
part of her, however, was not in control. It was a slight shock when she
realized that she wasn't entirely horrified by that thought; in fact, she
found it exciting. Is that why I can't seem to resist? she wondered.
Because on some level I want this?

(See and obey.)

The rose was moving. Rebecca followed it, turning her body as the
blonde sidestepped around her and eased herself back onto the bed.

"You are ready to come now, aren't you, Rebecca?" the blonde teased. "I
can see that you are. But you may not come yet, Rebecca. You are a
submissive now, and submissives do not come until their masters do. You
will not come, Rebecca, until I do. And I am not nearly ready."

Unable to think clearly or stop what she was doing, Rebecca simple
waited for her mistress to continue.

"You will have to earn your orgasm," the blonde continued. "Prove
yourself worthy, my submissive pet, by pleasing me instead of yourself.
You may stop masturbating and go down on me."

The small part of Rebecca's mind that could still think was shocked at
the suggestion. She had never gone down on a woman, never even thought
about it -- had she? But there was her body, dropping to its knees and
bending down, bringing her face right to the blonde's musky center.

(See and obey.)

"It's very simple," the blonde instructed. "I'm just like you, Rebecca.
Just do for me what you like done for you."

Rebecca set to work, following all of the tips that she had given Frank
on how to please her. She kissed her way up the woman's thighs to her
slit, teasing the outer lips with her tongue while they swelled and
lubricated, then darting inside to find other, more sensitive targets. She
felt her mistress respond, mutedly at first, then with increasing passion
and abandon. Rebecca was thoroughly wet at both ends soon as the blonde
writhed and moaned in appreciation. She took great pride when her mistress
came, squeezing Rebecca's head between her thighs and lifting herself off
the bed with the intensity of the orgasm. Rebecca couldn't stop, though;
she continued to suck and lick and tease even while her mistress heaved and
twisted, until finally the blonde pushed Rebecca's face away and gasped,

Looking very satisfied, the blonde rose up off the bed and stood Rebecca
straight next to it. "Not bad," she remarked. She swiped her finger
between Rebecca's slick thighs, causing Rebecca to shudder as the finger
stroked across her nub. The blonde bought her wet finger to Rebecca's
lips, allowing the submissive to taste her own juices. "I think you've
earned a treat. A special treat, for submissives only."

The blonde positioned Rebecca on her knees and bent her over the bed,
lying down next to her so that the rose tattoo would remain in Rebecca's
view. "You don't know who that was watching us, but you're about to become
close to him in a very special way. You are going to have your orgasm,
Rebecca, but you'll do it in the most submissive way you can imagine: with
a strange man's cock buried inside you from behind while he holds you down
by the hair. He will enter you and it will feel like the largest cock
you've ever seen or heard about, Rebecca. You will love the feel of that
cock inside you, filling you up, and when he comes so will you."

Rebecca's eyes opened wide as she felt a pair of masculine hands parting
her upper thighs. Then the largest monster of a cock she'd ever imagined
penetrated her, pushing its way into her well-lubricated canal and reaching
all the way in to her cervix. The sensations short-circuited her nervous
system, sending shudders all through her as the man's mass pressed against
all of the most sensitive spots in her system. A hand seized her by the
hair and pressed her head into the bed, wiping the blonde's juices from her
face and replacing their taste with that of cotton from the blanket.
Rebecca squealed as she felt the huge cock sliding in and out, teasing her
and stroking her, bringing her closer to the edge with every partial
movement. She'd never felt so totally out of control before, so helpless,
so dominated. There was nothing for her to do but enjoy the ride, and for
the next several minutes she did exactly that. Then, with a final lunge,
she heard a deep groan and felt him pumping inside her. The first spurt
seemed to go right through her, filling her up and triggering her own deep,
intense climax. Their bodies moved together, locked in the most intimate
of all dances, until their collective energy was spent.

The blonde propped herself up on one elbow and eyed her charges with a
satisfied smile. "Very good, Rebecca," she said. "Very good, Frank."

Frank? Rebecca's head started to rise, but then she caught site of the
rose tattoo and found herself sinking again, falling back down as the world
reduced itself to a few square inches of flesh on the blonde's shoulder.

"That's right, Rebecca," the voice said. "It was Frank who watched you
play with yourself, then watched you pleasure me before taking you from
behind. That was Frank's cock that felt so good inside you from such a
submissive position, Frank's fist clenching your hair like a cave man. You
were his submissive as well as mine. Your fantasy has been fulfilled."

My fantasy, Rebecca thought. That's right, this was my fantasy.

"And now," the blonde continued, "it is time to wake up. I'm going to
count to three, Rebecca, and at the count of three you will be completely
awake and alert and will remember everything you've been told to remember.
One, two, three."

Rebecca's eyes snapped open. She blinked a few times, adjusting slowly
to the bright lights in the ceiling above her. She felt leather underneath
her body, soft and supple but firm.

Her eyes wandered over the office. The walls were paneled in oak, which
matched the bookcase and the large desk that was off to the side. Her eyes
continued to sweep the room until they met up with the familiar pale blue
of the blonde's eyes watching her. Rebecca's body jumped slightly at the
sight, then she relaxed and remembered.

"Kym!" she said. "Am I ... awake now?"

The blonde nodded and smiled reassuringly. "Yes, Rebecca, you are wide
awake and fully aware. You can sit up if you want to."

Rebecca rose slowly, swinging her legs gently out over the edge of the
leather sofa and climbing over to one side. She spotted Frank watching her
from a Morris chair to her right and blushed a bright beet red.

"Happy birthday, honey," he said gently. "How was your fantasy?"

Memories came flooding back into Rebecca's brain. The dinner at the
Italian restaurant, where Frank had told her about a friend and his wife
who had raved about the service of a company called Intimate Adventures.
Frank telling Rebecca that he'd arranged a surprise birthday present for
her with the same firm, and asking her to trust him and just go along. The
short walk to the Wisconsin Avenue office building, where they'd filled out
forms and met Kym, the blonde facilitator. Kym explaining how Intimate
Adventures uses hypnosis to help people live out their sexual fantasies in
a safe, comfortable environment. Lying back on this very sofa and watching
a light pattern dancing on the ceiling, with Kym's voice softly telling her
to relax and let go.

"It was ... intense," she said, remembering the sensations and
marveling at the realism of her response. "I must have been very deep,
because it felt absolutely real." Too real, she added mentally as she moved
her legs and felt the huge, slick patch all over her thighs.

Kym pointed to a small door at the near end of the office. "There's a
powder room in there, if you'd like to freshen up," she suggested

Rebecca closed the bathroom door behind her and leaned up against it
with a heavy sigh of disbelief. Her reflection sighed with her, eyes still
a little wider than usual. Her face was clean and dry but she splashed
some cold water on it anyway to make sure she was really awake. A small
plastic bag on the sink held something familiar -- a clean, dry pair of her
own panties. Frank must have brought them from home, she concluded, and
was more than a little grateful.

She took her time getting washed up, putting the soaked underwear back
in the plastic bag and secreting it in her purse. She touched up her
makeup where it had smeared from the water splash, brushed her hair back
into place, and decided she looked none the worse for wear. In fact, she
discovered that she felt pretty good after her brief vacation from reality
now that she'd had a chance to wake up all the way. There was an extra
spring in her step as she rejoined Kym and Frank in the office.

"You look refreshed," the facilitator remarked.

"Thank you," Rebecca replied with a bright smile. "There's something
cathartic about letting go so completely. I feel marvelous." And so will
you, later, she thought silently as she shot Frank a lustful look.

They exchanged a few more pleasantries, then Kym led them out of the
office and wished them good day. Rush hour was just getting started as
they reclaimed their car and joined the masses en route to their Aspen Hill

"So how was it?" Frank asked, shifting behind the wheel to make room for
the erection that kept coming up as he remembered the sight of his wife in
the throes of her fantasy.

"It was amazing," she said. "The whole time it was happening, I had no
idea it was all a hypnotic illusion. Somewhere in the back of my head I
sensed voices, but I had no idea what they were. I'm guessing now that
they were Kym asking me what I was seeing and giving me suggestions to move
the action forward."

"That's right," he confirmed. "There were a lot of points where she
asked you how you wanted the story to continue; you told her and she fed it
back to you in more detail. And you responded physically to a lot of it. I
mean, you were mostly just lying there but I could see your body reacting
to things, touching yourself, getting hot and bothered." Frank shook his
head vigorously and resettled himself again. "I'm going to be having wet
dreams about it for weeks."

"We'll just have to help you work out that pent-up desire," Rebecca said

Frank seemed relieved. "I'm glad you're not weirded out by all that,"
he said gratefully. "I mean, having me there watching while you go through
such a private fantasy, seeing you play with yourself -- even though it was
just through clothes."

Rebecca giggled. "Come on, Frank, we've done some pretty kinky things
together in the bedroom," she chided him. "Most of the time it's been with
me in charge and you in a trance. I don't mind an occasional role
reversal, honey. In fact, any time you want to try and hypnotize me again
I'm up for it." She reached over and patted the bulge in his crotch to
underline her point.

They held hands the rest of the way home. It would be dinnertime when
they arrived, but neither was thinking about food. Instead, they pulled
into the garage at their home and went straight up the stairs to their
bedroom. Rebecca started things by taking Frank into her arms and meeting
him with a warm, yielding kiss. Tongues danced between their open lips as
Rebecca's hands started working at the muscles in Frank's back, getting him
to relax.

Frank pulled away. "Hold that thought," he said and scurried to the

While she waited, Rebecca removed her blouse, skirt, hose and shoes.
She watched herself in the mirror as she peeled off her bra and panties as
well, then sat on the edge of the bed facing the bathroom door. She leaned
back, propping herself up with her arms and arching her back enough to
really make her breasts stand out, a pose in which Frank always loved to
see her. She practiced 'come hither' looks in the mirror for amusement
while the sounds of running water, then a toilet flush, came from the

Soon Frank came out. He was naked except for a towel hanging from his
neck, and he was already hard. Rebecca watched his erect penis sway back
and forth as Frank approached her. He was going to be so helpless in her

"Rebecca, honey?" Frank said tentatively.

She flashed him her lustiest smile. "Yes?"

"What you said in the car, about being willing to let me hypnotize you
any time I wanted to try ... did you mean that?"

Rebecca was slightly surprised. "Absolutely. Did you want to try it

"Actually," he confessed, "I don't need to." Slowly, deliberately, he
pulled the towel off to reveal something new on his left shoulder: a small
tattoo of a single red rose, its long curving stem complete with leaves and
thorns, petals slightly open.

Rebecca's eyes were drawn irresistibly to the tattoo. All over her body
she felt a charge of sexual energy, of arousal, as if a hundred caring
fingers were caressing her erogenous zones. Her slit became moist and her
nipples tight, and somewhere in the back of her mind she heard Kym's deep,
powerful voice again.

(Relax and let go. See and obey.)

"Rebecca, I want you to suck on my cock. Do your best, but don't make
me come until I tell you to."

Rebecca's world had narrowed to the few square inches of her husband's
shoulder; in that moment she felt an overwhelming desire to please him in
any way she could. She dropped to her knees and took his ramrod into her
mouth as far as she could, until she felt the head tickling the back of her
throat. Frank moaned appreciatively and Rebecca responded by sucking hard,
alternative running her tongue all along the fuselage to tease the
sensitive nerve endings in the hood. She felt strong fingers running
through her hair, encouraging, stroking as if she were a favorite pet.

Frank's toes began to curl almost right away, a signal that he was
nearing the point of no return. Fellatio was a rare treat for him, usually
reserved for very special occasions, and he was enjoying this to the hilt.
Rebecca worked him with skill, her knowledge of his body enabling her to
bring him to the edge quickly and keep him there, on the brink of orgasm
but not quite over it. Soon his knees became weak and his body began to
demand its release. "Stop now, Rebecca," he commanded. "Lie down on the
bed, face up."

Rebecca obeyed, the knowledge of the tattoo and its power over her still
in the front of her mind. Frank knelt down between her legs and returned
the favor, going down on her with the same skill and passion that she had
brought to bear on him. His hands stroked her thighs and squeezed her
butt, lifting her up to him as she began to writhe in bliss from his
attentions. When she was ready, and when Frank couldn't stand to wait any
longer, he climbed on top and slid himself into her. She wrapped her legs
tightly around his butt, pulling him in closer even as her arms clutched at
his back. In a moment Rebecca found her eyes locked once again on the rose
tattoo and once again she felt a rush of sexual stimulation in every spot
on her body.

"I'm going to count to five, Rebecca," Frank said softly as he stroked
cleanly in and out. "Your arousal will double with each number, and when I
reach five you will have the strongest orgasm of your life. Do you

Rebecca nodded, her mind held by the tattoo.

"I love you, Rebecca. One."

Rebecca jumped as her body reacted to Frank's suggestion. His cock
continued to work smoothly in and out of her canal, only the sensations
doubled for her.


Her mouth fell open, each breath becoming a loud, impassioned moan.



Rebecca held on for dear life, as Frank's penis seemed to completely
fill her body. Every square inch of skin tingled; every muscle was tensed
and quivering, knowing that sweet release was almost at hand. Then she
felt it -- Frank's cock clenched and jets of hot semen spurted from its


The orgasm lifted Rebecca up and sent her flying, spinning out of
control like a kite in a gale. Her eyes closed and her body shook as every
nerve ending seemed to fire at once. She was giddy and elated, riding the
rush without caring how far it took her. Then, as her body relaxed and the
world settled down around her, Rebecca took a deep breath and passed into
deep, contented sleep.

The next day saw Rebecca in unusually high spirits. Even the
spring-induced restlessness of her first-period Intro to Psych students
couldn't put a dent in her mood. Mixed in with the general din at the end
of class as the students gathered their gear, Rebecca distinctly heard one
of the students mutter to his friend, "Man -- she musta got laid last night
or something!" If only you knew, she replied silently.

Then a thought struck her. It was a little after 9:00am and she had
about eight minutes before the next bell. She slipped next door to her
office, pulled a small folding business card from her wallet and dialed a
Bethesda phone number.

"Intimate Adventures? This is Rebecca Larsen. I'd like to make an
appointment for my husband Frank. ... September 19th ... Yes, with Kym
please. ... It's his birthday, and I'd like to surprise him. ..."

-wg 5/17/00

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