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Sex story

My First Time (Seaman)(MF 1st real)

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The usual disclaimers apply: This contains graphic
depictions of coital activities. If you would have a
hard time explaining to your mother or the authorities
if they find this lying around, go away.

My First Time
By "Seaman"

This, the story of my first sexual experience, is true.
Although things didn't work out for a permanent relationship, I
will always remember my first lover, call her "Kim," with
fondness. She has lots of friends, some perhaps reading this
group, and I'd hate to embarrass her. For this reason, her name
has been changed and geographic details have been obscured. The
conversations are, of course, synthesized (I wasn't taking notes
at the time) but are as I remember them. I've included plenty
of graphic detail to get you stiff or wet, but the pedophiles
might as well go on to the next posting because this story is
about losing my virginity at age 30.

I don't know why, exactly, I waited so long. My family wasn't
religious and I didn't grow up thinking sex was shameful nor was
I saving myself for after I was married. I was shy; in high
school I went on a few dates but never did more than a little
kissing. I've wondered since then whether the girls were
relieved or disappointed. Even a stint in the Navy left me a
virgin. I had no interest in going to a prostitute for my first
time yet, being shy, I took a long time to get to know anyone,
much less women. The changes in duty stations happened too soon
to develop any kind of a relationship. Instead, I cultivated
the fine art of masturbation. Finally I got out and went to
work for a large technical firm where I met Kim.

We worked in different departments that were quite a ways from
each other. I'd been in the habit of taking lunch with several
others from my department and for reasons I don't remember, she
attached herself to the group.

Kim stood five foot one and weighed (I found out later) about
105 pounds -- not what you could call svelte but she looked fine
to me. Her hair was brunette, straight, and fairly long, about
to the bottom of her shoulder blades. She wore it simply,
parting it in the middle and tucking it behind her ears. Her
eyes were hazel in a square face and her skin was very fair and
fresh. She was still being asked her I.D. in bars at 28 and
wore no makeup except for two quick stripes of eyeliner she'd
put on before a date (she dubbed the fifteen second ceremony her
"instant beauty"). She had a nice figure, 36B (again, I found
this out later) and a round rump, displayed most effectively the
days she wore pants to work. She was a year younger than I and
her whole attitude was perky without being annoying. She was a
delight to talk to and the whole group enjoyed her company.

I found her warm, friendly personality easy to like and my usual
shyness didn't kick in. After a only month or so of lunches, I
asked if she'd like a date. She said no, she was involved with
someone. I was disappointed, but it didn't sound like it was a
permanent arrangement. In the next six months or so, I asked a
couple of more times, trying to strike a balance between letting
her know I was still interested and being a pest. Finally, in
September, she said yes; I was delighted.

I belonged to a film club that showed old movies in a 40s-
vintage theater. "Pat and Mike," one of the Tracy-Hepburn
couplings, was playing along with another Spencer Tracy movie
too obscure to remember now. We went to a Chinese restaurant in
the neighborhood and then to the double feature. Kim was a
little shy during the date, considering we had known each other
across the lunch table for six months. I put it down to first-
date jitters (I had them too), but I found out, months later,
that she'd chosen a pair of panties a little too old and split
the crotch getting into the car. Though she knew it was
completely undetectable and had pantyhose on in any event, she
still felt more vulnerable than she liked.

The date passed enjoyably if quietly. Kim lived in one of those
mongo apartment complexes where the cars park on the perimeter
and the buildings are scattered on acres of land with greenspace
in between. I walked her back to where she lived with her
roommate, held her hand a moment at her door as we said the
obligatory "had a good time" phrases, and watched her go inside.
She told me later that she had commented on my lack of
forwardness to her roommate who asked, "What is he, gay?" (No,
just shy).

We started going to that film club about once a week and also to
other movies or museums, or exchanged dinners at our places (her
roomie moved out at some time during this period). These dates
were still quite chaste; I still considered Kim "just" a good
friend at the time, as she did me. Though we had long
conversations and a little wine (neither she nor I were much for
drinking) nothing physical was happening beyond an occasional
touch on the shoulder or the like.

Then, in February, she'd come to my place Sunday evening for
dinner. On Saturday and earlier that day, she'd been helping
some friends of hers move and she complained she was feeling
stiff. After we ate, I offered to work on her shoulders and
back. She thought that was a great idea so I got a comforter
out and laid it on the floor. Kim laid face down on it and
after kicking off my shoes, I knelt by her head to knead her
scapulae and run my thumbs both sides of her spine to her waist
through her knit sweater. She was not wearing a bra and I
marveled at the uninterrupted sweep of her back under my hands.
Then, to work on the top of her shoulders, I shifted to straddle
her waist. I was keenly aware of her warmth between my thighs
and the softness of her rump under mine. This was the most
intimate I had ever touched any woman and I loved the intimacy
and trust she showed. (I later took lessons in massage and
eventually became certified as a practitioner, but that's
another story.) I had to stop at one point to surreptitiously
arrange my trapped cock as it lengthened a bit.

After about twenty minutes I'd done what I could and flopped
down on the comforter next to Kim. She turned over and we
talked about nothing in particular for about a half hour,
looking at the ceiling. Then, suddenly on impulse, I raised
onto one elbow and looked her in the eyes.

"Would you like for me to kiss you?" I asked nervously.

"Yes," she replied quietly. "I would."

I leaned over her and kissed her lightly on the lips. We broke
a moment later and she smiled.

"Nice," I commented and stroked her hair. She smiled again and,
taking that as an invitation, I kissed her again, deeper this
time with a little tongue play.

That was the end of the conversation for a while. We kissed
intermittently for about half an hour as we lay on the floor.
Still shy about touching her too intimately, I caressed only her
face and neck; she returned the favor a little more boldly down
my chest. Gradually I wound up mostly on top of her and we
clasped each other. She was aroused enough that her nipples
showed under the sweater and I thrilled to feel her breasts move
against me when we hugged but I was still too shy even to try
cupping them through the sweater yet.

I was also aroused, completely erect now, but if she could
feel it between us, she didn't say or do anything. Neither of
us was ready for any more yet and gradually our passions tapered
off to a dull heat. After a final embrace and kiss in the
doorway, Kim left to go back to her own place.

As soon as the door closed behind her I opened my trousers,
freed my stiff cock from my underwear, and peeled them both down
to step out of them. I laid face up on the comforter and began
to masturbate. I thought of Kim kneeling next to me and
imagined it was her hand on my penis as I methodically removed
her clothing. Already halfway to orgasm from my encounter, I
didn't get far in my fantasy. After stroking only a minute or
two, about the time I was peeling down her panties in my mind, I
climaxed. So anxious had I been, I hadn�t fetched a tissue and
as a massive measure of semen landed on my hand and shirt, her
face and imagined body were what fired my erotic imagination.

We continued to see each other once or twice a week but with a
lot more intimacy than before. At the film club, I'd put a hand
on her flank, or hold her hand in mine and gently stroke the
back of it and down the length of her fingers. We were
lingering over a kiss before parting now, and when we were at
each other's places, the kissing sessions after dinner were
definitely escalating into necking sessions -- open-mouthed
kissing with a lot of tongue-play, her hand on the inside of my
thigh and mine on hers, though not too far up if she was in a
skirt, and caressing her breasts through her clothing ("first
base" I suppose). Sometime during this period, though neither
of us mentioned it out loud, we both became aware that we would
eventually be making love. But not yet. By an unspoken mutual
agreement we were letting the desire build.

I hadn't told Kim I was a virgin. During this period, in
conversations, I found out that Kim had lost her virginity at
age 19 and that I would be her sixth lover, including a
marriage, which had failed after six months (he was an
alcoholic). I jokingly asked what she'd think of a guy "our
age" who was inexperienced sexually. "I'd think it was very
strange," was her emphatic reply. Ulp. I vaguely mentioned a
girl I'd known in junior college and "my one visit" to a bawdy
house in the Pacific giving her the impression that I did have
some experience sexually, but not much. About six months
later I told her the truth and she said that I'd hidden it very

"There were a few fumbles at first," she said. "But no more
than any new lover; nothing that made me say 'he doesn't know
what he's doing!'" My biggest regret of the whole relationship
was that I'd robbed her of the thrill of knowing she was my
first at the time we did it. (Or is this strictly a "male
thing?" Comments, ladies? Would you liked to have known?)

Then one night, when we were at Kim's place, an invisible
barrier beyond simple necking was crossed. She was lying on her
couch and I was kneeling on the floor by her head kissing her
(again) and gently toying with a boob. Having been this far
before, the warm resilience of her breasts, contained in a
brassiere under a sweater or blouse, was familiar but this time
she was wearing a blouse with the top button rather lower than
usual and a teasing bit of the lace on her bra showed
underneath. For the first time, I slipped a hand inside her
blouse above that button to hold her left cup and the flesh it
contained. Kim smiled, saying nothing, but her eyes were
shining with the excitement. I massaged her breast a few times,
thrilled at the soft warmth, intrigued to feel her nipple
stiffen. Trembling by now, I withdrew, then unbuttoned her
blouse down to where it disappeared into her skirt and spread it
open, exposing all of her bra. It was pink in color, taut with
its contents, and showed the peaks of her nipples.

Emboldened, I reached out and gently tweaked the two bumps, then
went one step further. The bra was the front-closure type with
a plastic catch you snap open and slide apart, one side up and
the other down. I did just that, peeled the cups open and out
spilled her breasts, the first time I'd had any within reach.

They didn't spill far and her rose-pink nipples were offered in
the center of their mounded breasts, almost a half-inch higher
than the corrugated areolae that tended them. Her right breast
had a small mole, inboard just about an inch from the nipple (I
grew to love that mole in the next few months).

I had fixated on her tits rather than her face, though, or I
might have noticed the doubt appearing in her eyes; I should
have asked first. Before I could touch her soft treasures, Kim
squirmed uncomfortably (jiggle!) and made a half-completed
gesture to cover herself. Still holding the bra halves, I
looked at her face with concern.

"No?" I asked softly.

"Ummmm," she said a little plaintively and shrinking a bit,
obviously torn between disappointing me and feeling coerced.

"Okay," I said, and closed her bra, pulling the cups back over
her breasts and snapping the catch closed. I probably could
have stopped there but I resolutely buttoned her blouse back up
before kissing her again, and caressing her through the blouse.
Weeks later, when we were lovers, she told me that she hadn't
been ready to "go all the way" and was afraid she'd to have to
put up a fight.

"I wasn't ready either," I told her. "I was disappointed not to
touch them, and would have loved to suck them but had no
thoughts of getting you naked. Still, I could understand your
reluctance; it was too much of an escalation and we might not
have been able to stop. Anyway, they were your boobs. If you
didn't want them played with I wasn't going to press the issue."

"That made it all right," she said. "It surprised me and I knew
then that I could trust you. If you'd taken them out later I
wouldn't have objected that time (now she tells me!) and that
moment I knew for sure then that we were going to be lovers."
Sometimes virtue is more than its own reward.

Events conspired, however, and that was the last time for
several weeks that we were able to be that intimate. Somehow we
didn't spend any time in each other's places and Kim was too shy
for much petting in public places. One indicator of her growing
trust and sense of intimacy with me was that while she would
invariably wear a bra if we went to a restaurant or other
lighted place, if our sole destination was the darkened theater
club, she�d go without. We�d sit in the back row of the theater
and miss a lot of the movie kissing and caressing. One glorious
time, she guided my hand inside her blouse as we were saying
goodbye in the car, so I took home the memory of a kiss and her
breast filling my hand, a nipple between my fingers. But it was
too light in the parking space to risk exposure so I hadn't
seen it again. The desire, though, was building rapidly. I
felt like a teen-ager.

Then, it was my thirtieth birthday, a Friday. Kim treated me to
dinner at a Moroccan restaurant -- about a two-hour meal -- and
yet another movie. Since we'd been in a restaurant she had a
bra on this time so I was circumspect during the dinner and
movie. After, though, we returned to my place "for some
coffee." This was the first time we'd been alone since I'd
overstepped, then retreated, and my libido was in full swing.

I was hoping, but I didn't say anything as we entered my
apartment. Kim went into the bathroom as I started the coffee
brewing. I heard the toilet flush, the sink run, and a minute
later she came out, with her shoes in one hand and her pantyhose
in the other. She'd never had a reason to remove them before; a
thrill went through me.

"Does this mean you want to?" I asked, the first time either of
us actually spoke aloud, however obliquely, what we both knew
was going to happen.

"Uh huh," she answered shyly as she stashed the hose in her
purse then came over and hugged me. "Happy birthday," she said
before kissing me. I held her tight and we stood several
seconds, rocking a bit.

I was still acquiring furniture after my stint in the Navy and
didn't have much yet. There was a mattress, sheets, and
blankets in the bedroom but absolutely no lights -- it was pitch
dark in there. After explaining this problem to Kim, I said, "I
want to see you; can we make love here in the living room?"

"Anywhere's fine," she said.

I didn't have a couch, either. There were a couple of beanbag
chairs in which we had cuddled several times when we'd been
talking, but they were a bit restrictive for what we had in mind
tonight, so I got the comforter out again and spread it on the
floor. I took off my shoes and socks and pulled the belt from
my trousers before we laid down on the comforter to begin
necking quite a bit more hungrily than ever before. In just a
few minutes I was caressing her breasts inside her blouse and
very shortly after that I was opening it. This time I pulled
the tails out of the denim skirt she was wearing and removed it

The bra she was wearing this time was another snap-front, black
this time, and what wasn't lace was a bit transparent. Her
desire to make love obviously was no spur of the moment impulse.
I admired the dimly seen circles of her areolae while I knelt
over her and she reached up to unbutton my shirt and remove it.
I laid next to her, slipped a strap off her shoulder, and kissed
where it had been a moment ago. Then we kissed open-mouthed. As
our tongues played, Kim caressed my chest and downward while I
cupped her left breast, delving under the slackened cup to find
the stiff nipple. When the kiss finally broke I sat up and
wasted only a moment slipping the other strap off her shoulder
and snapping the catch to free her breasts. I held the bra open
while she shrugged her arms out of the straps, then I dropped it
to take a boob in each hand and gently cup them.

Before I could get far in my erotic massage, Kim pulled me down
and kissed me deeply, offering her tongue again. I sucked it in
and offered mine in exchange. I could feel her twin treasures
move against my chest as we shifted in our embrace. Then I
worked my way down her front, kissing her chin, throat, and on
down to between her breasts. I moved to the right, kissing that
mole and onto the mound of her tit. There I teased the tip,
licking the firm, fleshy bullet a few times before drawing it in
as if to nurse. She began to sigh as I drew her nipple in
deeply and massaged it between my tongue and the roof of my
mouth. Meanwhile I played with her left breast with my right
hand, clasping the warm, soft flesh and gently tugging the
nipple. Then I switched breasts while I caressed her knee and
north a few inches.

When my mouth got tired, I released her nipple, kissed her, then
laid on my back next to her. Kim raised onto one elbow and
caressed my chest some more (she told me later that she'd
detected my chest hair through my shirt during our necking
sessions and couldn't wait to play with it). Then she moved
down my belly for a moment before opening my trousers and
playing her fingers over the white jockey shorts I was wearing
(virgin's underwear -- I soon bought sexier) sliding down
alongside my penis to cup my balls a moment through the cotton
while we kissed. A small part of me was beginning to worry
because I wasn't erect yet.

Then, breasts swaying, she knelt over me and pulled my trousers
off to toss them in the corner before lying next to me on her
side, head to foot. Her hands up slipped up the inside of my
thighs to caress the bulge in my briefs. I rolled to my side
and returned the favor, sliding my right hand under her skirt,
teasing the inside of her thighs as I headed north. When I
reached her crotch, Kim lifted her upper leg a bit and I slid my
fingertips along the edge of her panties, still hidden under her
skirt. I slid two fingers up and down the warm flesh a couple
of times before palming her love mound. She sighed once more
and caressed my cock through my briefs.

After a minute of this, I withdrew my hand and sat up to work on
getting her denim skirt off. The two buttons on the waistband
were a bit of a struggle before they yielded. Then it was the
work of a moment to unzip the side and pull her skirt off. I
braced the backs of her knees with my arm and she heaved her
bottom up a bit to help, then there she was in just her panties,
such as they were, another clue that this evening had been
planned before she left.

They were a light blue and opaque, but very brief. Cut low on
the hips with scarcely more than strings of elastic on her hips,
a small delta of a g-string over her mons was all that she had
in front. Deep between her legs it was scarcely a half-inch
wide over her pussy and a teasing bit of her pubes had escaped
on either side. I moved between her legs, spread them wide and
more hair escaped entirely, leaving just the innermost part of
her sex hidden. I traced one slow finger down her center from
the top edge of her panties to that thin strip of nylon between
me and her vulva. Finally I was able to tear my eyes away from
Kim's loins to her face where she was smiling broader than ever.
It was time to ask the question.

"Are you protected? I have some condoms in the bathroom." This
was a bit unusual in those pre-AIDS days but, like I said, it
had been some weeks where we both knew we were going to "do it"
and I'd done some shopping.

"Uh, huh," Kim replied. "An IUD; I'd prefer you bare."

I laid next to her, pulled her close, and we spent a few minutes
embracing and kissing. She threw one leg over mine and I passed
my upper hand down her back and onto her ass. Between the cut
of her panties and the rolling around we'd already done, a good
bit of her nether cleavage was already exposed. I slid one hand
under the waistband to stroke and gently squeeze one soft, cool
cheek a few times, then I pushed her back to roll on top of her.
She spread her legs and cocked her pelvis to meet me as I put
some weight on her. We embraced, then began humping in our
underwear. We kissed and gasped as my cotton and her nylon
ground together and she caressed my calves with her heels. I
clasped her and could feel the stiff points of her breasts on my
chest but the little alarm in me was louder now: I still
wasn't erect. I told myself not to worry. The unobstructed
sight of her pussy would get things started.

Gasping, I rolled off her onto my left side and Kim rolled to
her right. We spent a moment caressing each other's faces and
hair. "I love you, Kim," I said and slid a hand into her
panties. It passed over the thicket of her pubes and down until
my fingers were between her thighs, then I curled them slightly
to sink my middle finger into the wet slit of her pussy.

"I love you too," she said and slid her hand into my briefs to
grasp the head of my penis (I'm circumcised). She didn't say
anything about its lack of firmness.

We spent only a minute like this. Her panties were tight so
there wasn't a lot of room to play around in, and the thin
waistband was uncomfortable on the back of my hand. I soon sat
up and knelt beside her knees again. Her disarrayed panties
were not doing much to protect her modesty; they had slipped
down so a good bit of her bush was showing at the top and that
half-inch band over her pussy was slack, so it teased more than
hid. I slipped my thumbs under the strings at the sides to
finish the job. As I pulled the last bit of her clothing down,
fully exposing her love mound in front, a second, perfectly
timed heave of her bottom let the seat clear and a moment later
the skimpy nylon was down to her ankles and tossed aside.

I stared entranced at my first nude woman. She lay as demurely
as she could stark naked as my gaze roved her body, from closed
thighs to the brunette triangle at the center of her womanly
hips to the sexy indentation of her navel to her rosy-nippled
breasts, then finally her face. She seemed a bit unsure, as if
finally revealed, she would not appeal to me; one knee slid
partially over the top of the other as she instinctively strived
to protect her sex. "God, you're beautiful," I managed to
whisper. Kim's smile returned, and she relaxed. Then in final
surrender, she drew her legs up and open, offering her secret

I sat for a while, admiring her while I caressed the insides of
her thighs. Her pubic hair had never been trimmed, so it was
quite lush, filling the whole vee of her mons and continuing
between her legs onto her outer lips on either side. It was so
lush, in fact, I could see nothing of Kim's pussy itself, just
her sexual fur, and it was months later before I discovered the
mole she had on her mound just to the side of the cleft.

After a minute, I slid my hands up her thighs and with my thumbs
found where her outer lips touched and slowly teased them apart.
Upwards I slid my thumbs, exposing Kim's inner flesh like a
moist tropical fruit. In the center, her coral-colored inner
lips were very short so even without parting them I could see
the closed mouth of her vagina and the round head of her
clitoris. It was small -- the shaft was buried in the flesh of
her mound and just the end peeped from the hood in the center of
her cleft. All of the instruction books I'd read told how
sensitive women's clits were so I carefully pushed the hood back
to fully expose her pea-sized glans, then gently touched it.

"Is this too much?" I asked.

"No," she sighed. "Keep it up."

As it turned out, Kim loved to have her clitoris played with
quite firmly, as have the other lovers I have had since. I
don't know if I've run into a bunch of horny women or if those
pre-sexual revolution women (those were old books) were more
sensitive than today's.

I toyed with Kim's button for a minute, pushing the hood up and
down over the firm, short shaft where it emerged from her flesh
and ever so gently stroking the head with my thumb. Kim began
to sigh and rock her pelvis in coital motions. Continuing to
massage her clit with its own hood, with my other hand I parted
her moist inner lips and slid my middle finger deep into the
rose heat her vagina. She was warm and slippery inside and I
could hear a quiet "glick" as I pumped that digit in and out of
her pussy. She sighed again and continued to buck her hips in
counterpoint to my thrusting, eyes closed. I abandoned her clit
to concentrate on stroking her pussy, inserted my ring finger,
and stimulated her with the other fingers on her outer labia.

Meanwhile the alarm in my head was very loud now. Here I was,
seeing the woman I loved naked, finger-fucking her, and my cock
might as well have been in the next county for all the attention
it was paying. What would it take? I paused, stripped off my
briefs without taking my fingers out of her (yes, it was
awkward) and resumed stroking her. The thrill of being nude
with her was muted by my traitorous cock.

Eyes still closed, Kim raised her knees higher and began to toy
with her nipples, breathing deeply. I inserted my index finger
and plunged all three into her from the shoulder, rotating my
wrist back and forth as I did so. Meanwhile I was stimulating
my limp penis with my other hand, trying to get some kind of a
rise so it could join the fun. Nothing.

After a few minutes, she moved one hand down to cover mine and I
upped the tempo. Her other hand joined in to play with her
clitoris, then a moment later she inhaled sharply, convulsed
once, then sighed quietly. (I was to find out that this was a
typical orgasm for Kim -- she wasn't a screamer.) I pulled out
of her cunt and she opened her eyes to smile at me. My whole
front tingled as I realized a woman was seeing me naked for the
first time, but if anything, my penis shrank a bit. If she was
surprised to see a dangling dick, she didn't say anything, but
instead opened her arms in invitation.

I laid down on top of her in an embrace again and we ground our
genitals together. Kim had her legs spread wide and I lay
between them, thrusting my hips down as she bucked upwards to
meet me. All in all it was a good imitation of missionary
fucking except there was no penetration. I could feel her wet
pussy lips slide up and down my soft shaft and I shifted my hips
a bit so that I could reach down to rub the head directly on her
vulva -- nothing.

Desperate by now I sat up and knelt again, scooting close to her
and grasping my penis just behind the glans to rub it up and
down her slit. Then I tried to stuff it into her pussy. The
old expression of "trying to shoot pool with a rope" went
through my head. I had no trace of an erection. Whether it was
first-time jitters, the late hour or what, I was completely

"It's just not working," I said in despair.

"That's all right," she replied, opening her arms again, and I
laid down into her embrace.

Wait a minute. I can hear the audience out there now: "What's
with these two? Didn't they ever hear about oral
stimulation?" from the more erudite. "What about a fuckin'
blowjob?" from the troglodytes. Let's digress a bit.

This was before VCRs made porn available in your living room.
I'd been to one of those raincoat theaters only a couple times
so my actually seeing oral sex was limited. In any event, to
ask for lingual attention flat never occurred to me.

As for Kim, well this is conjecture because I never asked her,
but I think it never occurred to her either. She was actually
conservative about sex (as I found out in the next few months
and especially when I had another partner). The positions we
used almost always were missionary (like everyone), and female
superior with an occasional side-by-side thrown in. We tried
some of the milder variations only a time or two, but not even
something as exotic as rear entry (doggie style). Anal
intercourse was right out -- I never dared to ask -- and we had
oral sex exactly once, as part of foreplay about a year after we
started. I loved eating her pussy and the taste of her musk but
I could tell that she was experimenting and little tentative; my
thought at the time was that she'd never had a cock in her mouth

Don't get me wrong; Kim was no prude. She enjoyed sex and loved
orgasms but I think that she was put off by the . . .
mechanics of intercourse like fluids escaping. As an example,
my wife loved playing with semen. Sometimes I would pull out
when I climaxed, ejaculate on her front, and watch her anoint
her nipples with my cum and rub it into her bush. If I'd done
that with Kim, she'd have been disgusted. In any event she
never went down on me again and declined whenever I offered to
eat her. In short, I didn't ask and she didn't offer; it may
well have not worked anyway. Back to the story.

We went back to humping each other; Kim spread her legs again, I
pressed my scrotum into the area where her clit was and we
continued the motions of coitus. The underside of my flaccid
penis dragged up and down the nest of her pubes and the mouth of
her pussy anointed my balls but there was no trace of an
erection in me. I wanted to give her another orgasm so after a
few minutes I shifted a bit to the side and rhythmically pressed
into her mound with my thigh. She reached down to grasp my
cock, squeeze it gently in time with my thrusts and rub that
sensitive part in the cleft of the glans. It felt nice but not
what I was hoping for when we had started. After a few minutes
she clasped me to her as she climaxed again, then I climbed off
to lay beside her to alternate between caressing her breasts and
toying with her pussy. She milked my cock and played with my
balls in their sack but there still was no response.

We spent some minutes kissing and caressing each other while we
murmured how much we loved each other, just as if we'd just made
love (Which I guess we had -- I just hadn't mounted her) but it
was quite late by then so, yawning, Kim went into the bedroom
and slipped under the sheets while I locked up (and luckily
remembered to turn out the heater under the forgotten coffee).
I turned out the last light and cautiously went into the dark
bedroom to slide under the sheets next to Kim. "Don't worry
about it," she said, then she gave me a kiss before turning her
back to me so we could spoon, and soon fell asleep. Fat chance
not worrying about it. I lay there for some time, snuggled
close with one hand cupping a breast, wondering if I'd do better
in the morning.

# # #

We woke up at about the same time in the grey light. Whatever
dreams I�d had were forgotten but they must have been erotic
because I had a hard on like a broom handle. Not wanting to
risk literally pissing it away I didn�t get up for the bathroom
but, instead, rolled toward Kim. My erection poked her thigh,
then moved between us as she turned toward me and we embraced.
Kim smiled broadly, as if to say, "told you." Silently, we
started foreplay under the covers. Both of us being nude,
things progressed quite a bit faster than the night before.
After some caressing and a little nursing at her always
delightful nipples, we soon zeroed in on each other�s naughty
bits and in no time I was probing her dampening pussy as she
cupped my balls and stroked my gloriously erect cock. It felt
much more erotic than the night before.

By now we were both hot under the covers so I threw them back,
exposing Kim's naked form. She reached behind and bunched the
pillow against the wall to use it to prop her head. I reversed
and laid next to Kim, on my side with my penis jutting towards
her. She raised her knees and spread them, offering her pussy
so I reached under her thighs, found her clit, and slid the hood
up and down with one hand and, with the other, stroked her inner
lips and delved between them. She continied to stroke and
squeeze my cock, spreading the seepage from its eye over the
glans, and teasing my balls in their sack by running a fingertip
lightly over them. It was the first time anyone else had
touched my erection and my gaze alternated between the sights of
her hand wrapped around my penis and my fingers disappearing
into her pussy.

We continued to masturbate each other for several minutes,
slowly escalating the intensity. I was completely caught up in
the eroticism of the moment and would have continued to climax.
But Kim had no intention of forgetting her birthday gift. She
paused, gave my shaft a firm squeeze, then commanded, "I want
this in me." The moment had come.

We released each other's sex organs and Kim slid down to offer
herself as she had the night before. I knelt yet again between
her knees but unlike the night before, I was ready to take up
her offer: my cock was at a 45-degree salute. I drew her hips
up, moved forward, penis wobbling, and thrust against her moist
vulva with its underside. After a few strokes Kim reached down,
spread herself open with one hand and grasped my cock with the
other to force it downward and wedge it into the entrance of her
pussy in unspoken urgent invitation. I raised up off my
haunches, thrust forward while she guided, and closed my eyes to
savor the sensation of my penis sinking into a woman's body.

Kim's pussy was very tight, possibly because she'd been sexually
inactive for six months. Later she told me that I was the
biggest she'd had but I have the suspicion that she was stroking
my ego (I'm six inches if you mash the ruler into my pubis hard
enough). I penetrated about an inch, then began rhythmically
pushing to gain a bit at a time. After a few pushes she
released me to clutch the sheets on either side as I thrust in
deeper. Once I withdrew entirely and distributed her juices
along my shaft before mounting her to penetrate another inch.
There was a tube of jelly in the bathroom but I sure as hell
wasn't going to stop and get it. Slowly, the warm, liquid heat
of Kim's pussy enveloped my turgid cock until, with a final
thrust, the back of her thighs met the front of mine, our
respective pubic patches meshed, and I was in her in up to my
balls. To this day, my favorite part of the whole sexual act is
that first thrust into my partner, not that I hate the other

The thought that my cock was finally in someone's cunt
overwhelmed me and I crouched over Kim's body a moment, fighting
the urge to climax instantly. The moment passed then and I
began to copulate. Just a fraction of an inch per stroke at
first, then longer and longer as Kim's vagina relaxed making it
easier for me to invade it. She began to buck against my
thrusting and drew her legs up, inviting me in even deeper. I
guided her ankles over my shoulders, she hooked her knees on
them, and I looked down a few strokes, watching my lance slide
into of her soft target.

"You're doing it!" I thought excitedly. "You're finally fucking
someone for real!" The wet glide of Kim's pussy felt totally
different from those innumerable times I had masturbated. I
withdrew and marveled a moment at how my penis looked in mid-
copulation -- red from coital friction and glistening from the
vaginal lubrication it was anointed with. I stretched out,
putting my legs behind me, reached down to guide my cock back
into her waiting cunny, and resumed stroking.

Kim had kept her calves on my shoulders during this process
allowing maximum penetration. Bent double, she still managed to
thrust back, raising her ass off the mattress to meet my
downward plunges. Our loins pounded together with enough
intensity that her breasts rippled with each thrust. I clasped
them in both hands, paying particular attention to her erected
nipples. She caressed my chest and belly a few times before
shifting to grasp my hips in her hands, urging me deeper.
Neither of us spoke but we grinned at each other with our mutual
pleasure. Again and again I eagerly jabbed my penis into Kim's
pussy. Again and again she bucked upward, meeting my every
thrust. To be honest, all thought of pleasuring her was driven
out of my mind. My only thought was to ram my cock into her as
hard and as fast as I could before the incredible erotic
excitement I was feeling triggered a climax in me.

It soon came. "Oh, Kim, I'm cumming," I managed to gasp,
speared her one last time and held her tight. It wasn't a big
one, as orgasms go. My cock twitched only a couple of times and
it didn't feel as if I ejaculated much, but that didn't matter.
For the first time in my life I was climaxing in someone I
loved, depositing my semen in a pussy instead of a tissue.

After the pulsing subsided, I moved Kim's legs off my shoulders
and on either side of my waist, then I carefully laid down on
her, staying inside her and laying my head between her breasts.
We stayed like that for a few minutes while my erection
subsided; I could feel my penis start to creep out of her as it
shrank. Then Kim slipped a hand between us just above her
pubes. "My bladder's full," she complained and I pulled back to
slip out of her cunny and helped her up.

She disappeared into the bathroom a minute while I contemplated
the appearance of my freshly fucked phallus and matted pubic
hair. As soon as she came out, I slipped in and let out what
seemed like a quart of urine. I quickly washed my hands and
also rinsed the sex-fluids off my penis and dried it. It was
still early Saturday morning and I was hopeful for another
session. Besides, Kim hadn't had an orgasm yet. When I came
out she was sitting with the covers up to her waist, back
propped against the wall, hands demurely in her lap. I thrilled
as she looked at me frankly, pausing her gaze at my cock, then
smiled. For my part, I enjoyed the sight of her bare breasts;
after a good ogle I slid in beside her. We kissed and caressed,
her hand on my chest, mine down low on her belly, just above her

"That was pretty good," I said, hoping that she hadn't detected
that I had no basis for comparison.

"Yeah, I liked it," Kim replied, her smile bigger.

"But I was too quick; you didn't climax this morning, did you?"
I protested. My cock stirred a bit as I imagined it slipping
into her pussy a second time.

"That's okay. I got plenty last night. I knew I was right
about you when you when you continued to make love any way you
could rather than get angry or sulk."

"I want to feel your orgasm when I'm in you," I insisted and
caressed her face and abdomen. She said nothing but caressed
back and our lips were soon locked again and we slid to

I pulled her close and passed a hand down her back and onto the
globe of her ass. From there I slid it to our thighs then up
the valley between our bodies until I reached the swell of her
left breast. She pulled away a bit and I played with the nipple
she'd exposed in what was already a familiar ritual. When it
stiffened I slid down a bit and suckled again. She caressed the
back of my head as I nursed for a minute.

My hand was busy between us. It crept down her belly and
through the damp thicket of her bush. Kim raised her upper leg
a bit and I slipped between them, found her clitoral hood and
began to stroke it. Her hand moved down my body but it
couldn't quite reach my cock so I turned her nipple loose and
slid back up to kiss her. Her hand found my penis then slid
down to cup my balls before returning to my cock. Encircling
the shaft she squeezed it a few times then began to toy with
just the head, finding the weeping slit in the end and
lubricating the glans. My cock began to stir in response.
After some minutes I was partially erect again, so I pulled my
hand from between us, held her tight, and rolled back, pulling
Kim on top of me. "This time you're in charge," I said.

She lay full length on top and ground her hips against mine a
few times. The tickling of her pubic hair made my cock fully
hard. Then she slid up a few inches, spread her legs and
grasped my penis to hold it vertical, then slid back down,
trapping it in her labial groove, her legs outside mine. We
were heating up again so I slid the covers down to our knees
then moved my hands up to cup her ass cheeks as she began to
grind against me in earnest. Her pubic bone pressed hard on
mine, her wet cunt lips slid up and down my shaft and I could
feel the muscles of her ass bunch and relax as she humped her
pelvis against mine. After a few strokes, I reached further
down and found where the knob of my penis was intermittently
appearing, grasped it, and pulled upward, forcing it into the
crevice of her ass. Kim cocked her pelvis and spread her legs
wider so that her clit was in contact with my cock and went to
town, losing herself to pleasure as she massaged my glans on her
ass and her clitoris against my penis and pubis. I had a hand
left over so I caressed her breast flattened between us. She
rolled a bit to the side, freeing it, so I found the nipple and
began pinching it in time with her humping. After just a short
time I felt her tense and hold her breath a moment as she
climaxed; then she relaxed.

I released my cock and her tit to embrace her as we kissed, then
Kim drew her knees out and upward so that she was crouching on
me, her knees on either side. She raised up and her suspended
breasts hung over my face like ripe fruit. I latched onto a
nipple and began to suckle while she rocked back and forth a
bit, pulling her tit tight as I sucked it. My hands were busy
at her pussy, sliding up and down the area between her inner and
outer lips and playing with her clit, but teasing her by not
penetrating her.

Kim pulled her breast free with a quiet snick then tucked her
head to look between us. My cock, probably the most erect it
had been in my life, stood suspended several inches over my
belly. She shifted backwards and as her pussy approached, I
tensed my pelvic muscles to raise my penis even higher. Kim
maneuvered around a bit until, without guidance from either of
us, the head slipped into her vulva. Kim paused and I could see
the excitement rise in her eyes, then she pushed back and down
to impale herself on me. Either she was still stretched or her
orgasm had made her wetter, but my cock slipped into her with
one delicious stroke this time. For the second time in my life
I had the exquisite pleasure of penetrating a lover's body.

Still crouching, Kim began to slowly move. I lay perfectly
still and let the tight sheath of her vagina ever so slowly
massage my cock and, as always, it felt wonderful. She thought
so, too, for, eyes closed, she gave a little sigh of pleasure
every few strokes. After about five minutes her breathing grew
ragged and she bore down on me as she enjoyed a small climax.

When she was under control again she sat upright and began
fucking in earnest. Braced on her hands and grinning down at me
she would raise several inches -- just short of letting me slip
out -- then drop heavily to drive my cock deep into her. I got
a delightful intermittent view of my red, wet penis at the base
of her pubic triangle. Every few strokes I would buck upward to
meet her downstroke and she'd gasp at the extra-deep
penetration. Above, her luscious tits oscillated wildly with
each stroke and I reached up to cup her breasts and squeeze the
nipples between my fingers.

This must have been the final straw for, seconds later Kim
climaxed, the biggest I'd seen so far. She doubled her pace
then threw her head back and held her breath several seconds
before groaning as an orgasmic flush appeared between her
breasts. I could feel her pussy rhythmically clench my penis as
she still rode it. This, in turned, triggered my own orgasm and
as she finally sighed and relaxed I clasped her to me, sharply
thrust up into her twice, and exploded.

This climax was much stronger than my first. I groaned aloud
this time as my cock pulsed a half-dozen times. We kissed open-
mouthed as I strained to stay deep within Kim, and I could feel
a stream of semen spurt into her with each spasm. Then my
ejaculation finished with a series of weak twitches, almost a
fluttering. I released her and we lay still for several
minutes, getting our breath back. Then Kim raised her hips to
let my cock slide out of her and lay on her side in the crook of
my arm.

"Oh, Kim, that was how it should be," I murmured. "I could
feel you squeeze me when you climaxed."

"Yeah, I could feel you throbbing inside me, too," she said. "I
hope it's like this every time." We relaxed in the afterglow a
for a bit, then her pussy started to leak. She gave me a quick
kiss, got up, and went into the bathroom to shower (like I said,
she didn't like this part of making love) while I went into the
kitchen to toast some bagels and make another pot of coffee.

After blotting the wet spot we breakfasted nude in bed, telling
each other how wonderful it was. I kissed her breasts and
played a bit with her pussy, and she with my cock but we were
both pretty satiated sexually so we didn't have a third go

Kim had already made plans for the day with some other friends
of hers, so after we dressed I took her back to her apartment.
That was the beginning, though, and we saw each other and made
love several times that week, mostly at her place (she had a
water bed).

Kim and I were together two years after that, seeing each other
exclusively, taking weekend trips and vacations together, and
making love as the mood struck. After the first year I would
have loved to marry her but she was an independent woman, and
refused to make anything permanent. I think getting stung in
that marriage had soured her on the idea of getting too close.
We'd stay overnight when we made love but never did move in
together. Finally I got insistent and she'd had enough. One
black day she told me she didn't want to see me any more, and
that was that.

I was quite a while getting over it, but I did, and took a
couple of lovers before I stole a man's wife and married her
(but that's another story).
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